BR (Before Reading)

I have started receiving some very heart-warming emails, mostly from people who know me a little, some from people who do not know me at all. They are complimentary about the novel, which is reassuring. Once a book is out in the public dominion, it is only people’s reactions and comments which make the entire experience real enough to believe it.

I had never received an email from anybody BEFORE they actually read the book… until two days ago.


“My night”

6pm arrive home

6.05 open package from Amazon – book by famous Italian novelist Angie Voluti inside

6.10 tell my mum who is visiting that i know you and this is why i bought the book

6.20 mum tells me she has read first few pages and knows the poem at the start. She says ‘it is really good’

8.05 parents leave to go back to Cheshire…..with my (your) book..’i’ll give it you back…’

It must be good!

No book for me ;(

Motor Sport also arrived though


This made me laugh.


~ by angie voluti on August 26, 2011.

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