Brooklands: all about bravery, war and aviation. First public engagement

Brooklands in Weybridge is hosting a Women in Aviation weekend (19/20 August). It’s a celebration of women’s contribution to the war, and their pursuit of speed, performance and victory. Brooklands is quite a suitable place for such celebrations, being also focused on motorsport and the history of engines/motor cars. I am close to that world, as I work in the automotive industry.

I shall be sitting at my table, in the Bluebird Room at Brooklands, talking about an old story told within the pages of new books in their shiny covers. The Cypriot pilot described in the story lived and died during the war. In fact, he is buried in Italy. I have even used the real details of his  squadron. I have pictures of him looking pensive and young, unshaven and yet mature enough to go to war.

Cyprus’s contribution to the war was substantial. The country lost more lives than any of the UK’s allies. The island shares much of its culture and history with Sicily. Different sides, of course.

It will be my first public engagement not as a PR pro, but as a writer.

I am almost apprehensive.


~ by angie voluti on August 9, 2011.

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